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555 Comic

555 Comic

Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Saturday, June 3, 2023


Story Production
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Luna & CRC

📄 The Role

Want to join a team of storytelling innovators and take one of our worlds from Twitter to TikTok to an episodic anime?

Take the lead on one of our character worlds as we seek to level up how their stories appear to the world across social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and more.

What You'll Achieve:

Collaborate on the overall creative across all platforms
Work with the existing writing and community teams on ensuring storylines give fans a chance to participate as OC’s
Collaborate on Twitter scripts twice a month with an excellent story that engages fans and makes them want to interact with our POV characters
Achieve alignment with Community Managers on creative goals for the the community management of the title and occasionally personally reply to fans to inspire excellence with your Community Managers
Adapt Twitter scripts into TikTok animation shorts, including editing, adding, and removing content from Twitter scripts as well as selectively omitting stories unnecessary for TikTok approximately once per month
Work cross-functionally with other teams in the company to achieve business needs of the story such as across merchandise, gaming, character creation, etc.
Lead a writers’ room for the story on a weekly basis
As we expand to new platforms, personally write and/or lead writer(s) and other creative(s) on aligning creative output to the overall story franchise, such as gaming, podcasts, etc.
Work cross-functionally within company on developing a series bible and under direction of company pitching a full-length animated series
Sit in on other writers’ rooms as available and provide high level guidance, mentorship, and feedback to other teams
Overall, being bold with the story and delighting fans while also giving them the core of what they want from the story

Some Skills and Toolset We Hope You’ll Have:

Animation writing experience, especially anime or anime-adjacent content
History in editing and collaborative writing
Experience running or participating in a writers' room
Strong background in different storytelling frameworks and structures, such as Save The Cat and the Sitcom Code
Experience working with episodic arcs and ongoing worlds
Experience with social media content and marketing

Nice to Haves:

Have experience working on long-term commercial projects with an entirely remote team
Knowledge of Notion or another project management software
Past teaching or management experience


We need someone to apply their amazing creative mind to our stories to take our characters and their fan friends to the next level.

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