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Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Game Producer

Job Description

We are on the hunt for a diligent and experienced Game Producer to join our dynamic team in the mobile gaming industry.
As a Producer, you will play a pivotal role in the thriving global launch of our first title. You will be responsible for managing all internal teams (Product, Art, Tech) and third-party stakeholders, driving project planning and execution, and aligning them with the company's objectives and budgetary guidelines.
You will be the glue that holds the project together, ensuring clear communication, effective collaboration, and the timely achievement of project milestones.


Establish and maintain a timeline for game development and launch phases.
Serve as the key liaison between Product, Art, and Tech teams, ensuring clear communication and alignment in objectives.
Coordinate with third-party vendors or partners for any outsourced elements of game development.
Keep the project within budget while maintaining quality, and optimize resource allocation across various departments involved.
Create a collaborative, innovative, and high-performing team environment, and identify and solve any blockers in the game development process.
Regularly report on project status, including progress toward milestones, budget adherence, and resource allocation.


Proven experience in the mobile gaming or related mobile industry, with a focus on game production.
A track record of working with Art, Product, and Tech teams, including previous experience as a producer and game production-related roles like QA or Product.
Strong understanding of the game design and production process to provide actionable insights and direction to the team.
Excellent project management skills, including organizational capabilities for tracking timetables, stakeholders, objectives, and budgets.
Proven leadership skills, including the ability to lead and inspire a team, collaborate on problem-solving, and drive innovation.
Proficiency in English and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively both internally and externally.
Passion for the gaming industry, with an understanding of current trends and developments.

Cultural Fit

We are a nimble team in a fast-evolving gaming landscape, valuing adaptability and proactive problem-solving.
Our ideal candidate is adept at navigating change, prioritizes clear communication, and thrives in deadline-driven environments.
We seek a team player who can wear multiple hats, serve as an effective ambassador, and shield the team from external distractions