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Senior Software Engineer (Unity)

LILA Games

LILA Games

Software Engineering
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Friday, May 19, 2023
  • Job Details:

    • Employment Type: Full-time, Permanent
    • Location: Bangalore, India (Near Indiranagar Metro Station)
    • Reporting To: CTO or Lead Unity Developer

    Job Description:

    We’re seeking ambitious and driven developers who are eager to build a world-class game. Candidates should be comfortable with solving complex problems, taking initiative, and devising creative solutions. As a Senior Unity Developer, you’ll be responsible for implementing highly performant and optimized features on an exciting, unannounced FPS shooter game. You will be a key member of the engineering team, developing the game using Unity.


    • Develop complex features for the shooter game, ensuring its security against client-side hacking.
    • Write efficient, SOLID-compliant code.
    • Collaborate with project managers and designers to understand game features and help break down tasks.
    • Regularly run profiler to maintain code performance and quality.
    • Participate in code reviews to uphold coding standards.
    • Ensure optimal performance, quality, and stability of the game.
    • Develop live operations tools, editor tools, and automations.


    • Minimum Experience: 5+ years
    • Expert knowledge of Unity game engine.
    • Strong math, highly structured and logical thinking.
    • Experience with Unity DOTS.
    • Ability to reasonably estimate and plan tasks and features.
    • Understanding of multithreading, asynchronous operations, and thread-safe code.
    • Proficient at profiling games to identify bottlenecks and performance issues.
    • Adherence to best practices and guidelines, with a creative problem-solving approach.
    • Understanding of backend/networking is a plus.


    • We foster a culture of continuous learning.
    • We value talent and the ability for significant self-improvement.
    • Honest feedback and transparency across all departments allow for rapid skill development.
    • You will have the opportunity to work on an exciting new game development product with complete autonomy.
    • Our highly ambitious team contributes to creating highly emotional and unique products.
    • Collaborate with world-class talent from across the globe.

    Eligibility & Cultural Fit:

    • At Lila Games, we embrace a culture of honest and direct communication.
    • We seek individuals who are masters of their craft or are committed to becoming one.
    • We value talent and the ability to improve significantly.
    • A strong work ethic and dedication to the product are essential.
    • Please review the LILA Games | Business Values document (https://bit.ly/3rsN1ti) carefully before applying.

    Application Process:

    1. Resume: Submit your resume using the application form.
    2. Written Test: Selected candidates will receive a written test via email.
    3. Video Interviews: Selected candidates will undergo a series of video interviews.
    4. Offer: Successful candidates will receive a formal offer letter detailing compensation and other logistical information.