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Senior Software Engineer (Recommendation Engine)

Pocket Worlds

Pocket Worlds

Software Engineering
Posted on Saturday, February 17, 2024

We're the creators of Highrise, now featured in the iOS App Store with 50 million users and rapidly growing. We're building bleeding-edge technology for developers and amateurs to create immersive experiences and worlds inside our virtual universe.

We believe that the future of virtual worlds is bright, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this industry. As we continue to grow and expand our platform, we're looking for talented individuals to join us on this journey of innovation and creativity. If you're passionate about building the platform to power virtual experiences that bring people together and push the boundaries of what's possible, we want you on our team!

About the Role

As the first software engineer focusing on ML, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing cutting-edge machine learning models and algorithms to deliver experiences and content to the millions of users on Highrise.

You will be responsible for building brand-new systems to serve content recommendations in the form of experiences, items, users, etc. The project is a blank slate, as the current systems are basic and should be replaced. The opportunity to create a significant impact is exceptionally high. The role will be building the ML models, integrating them into backend application code and features, and supporting them from end to end. You will own the stack of how users discover experiences and content in the world of Highrise.

The right candidate should be comfortable working alongside the backend team on application development and be ready to take Highrise to the next level. We are a true startup with a team that wears many hats, and this role is no exception.

Your success will be measured by the impact you deliver to our team, product, and world. If you value control over your career and you are genuinely excited to see a virtual universe be brought to life through your work, this role will be an extraordinary opportunity for you.

Our Current Backend Technical Stack:

  • Async Python (fully typed with dataclasses), GO

  • Micro Services, event-based architecture

  • REST, FlatBuffers, WebSocket Secure(WSS)

  • AWS(EC2, S3, LB)

  • MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Redis(cache and queues)

  • OpenSearch, Grafana, Kibana and Prometheus

  • Kubernetes

  • IAC(Terraform, kOps, Helm)

Our Planned Stack Upgrades:

  • ML-driven recommendations and search engines.

  • AI-powered content generation.

  • Expanding user-generated experiences and content.

Here are the skills and qualities we're looking for in our ideal candidate:

  • 6+ years of professional ML development experience, experience launching end-to-end production ML models.

  • Experience with designing and evaluating A/B tests for newly launched models.

  • Fluency in Python and practical experience in applying CICD best practices.

  • Experiences with AWS, Azure and/or GCP.

  • Ability to rapidly prototype and test new algorithms.

  • Skilled at solving open ambiguous problems.

  • Experience and comfortable working in a high-growth startup environment.

  • You love what you do. Your work is your passion, and you value working with people who feel the same.


  • You have built any side projects or games outside of work or made significant open-source contributions.

  • You have experience programming in GO, C#, or Lua.

  • You have experience with the Unity Gaming Engine.

  • You are a starter who loves to experiment and learn new things.

  • You’re highly energetic and feel comfortable leading and pushing your team to succeed.

  • You are comfortable taking control of large systems with minimal documentation.

Why work with us

  • Impact: Your work will directly affect millions of users around the world.

  • Growth: Your growth isn’t capped by a career ladder. Show us you can deliver the impact, and we’ll respond with recognition and reward.

  • Culture: Our transparent, collaborative, and fast-paced culture prioritizes winning with a flat organizational structure.

  • Culture: High trust, high intensity, low process and bureaucracy. We pride ourselves in being a Silicon Valley startup with a laser focus on the mission, and we’ll happily remove all roadblocks in your path to success.

  • Reward: This role offers a highly competitive salary and very generous equity. Our incentives will be directly aligned toward success.