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VFX Artist Game Art · Stockholm · Hybrid Remote

Resolution Games

Resolution Games

Stockholm, Sweden
Posted on Monday, November 6, 2023

Resolution Games is a VR/AR studio focused on creating immersive experiences for all — gamers and non-gamers alike. We are now looking for an experienced VFX Artist to join the team.

About the role

VFX is the magic of our games, literally. Extraordinary and non-solid things are all made using Real-time VFX techniques. 

In the role as a VFX Artist at Resolution Games you will be responsible for the creation and implementation of VFX assets in our exciting XR projects. You will work in direct collaboration with designers, developers and artists providing your expertise to different game teams. You will have a great deal of ownership and influence over the VFX you put in our games. It will be your responsibility to figure out what style of VFX the separate projects need and how to make it real cool.

What you'll do

  • Use Unity to create and implement performant and stunning VFX for android devices
  • Work with particle systems, shaders, textures, and meshes
  • Collaborate with programmers, audio, and animators to implement VFX
  • Profile and optimize VFX


  • Experience with game engine VFX Development
  • Experience with shaders
  • Understanding of animation timings

Nice to have

  • Experience with making toon VFX using shaders or hand-drawn sprite sheets
  • Knowledge of #C VFX implementation
  • Knowledge of HLSL, the GPU, and the graphics pipeline
  • Experience with performance debugging tools
  • Experience with VFX for mobile

We believe you are a person who will thrive in a flexible, can-do environment and that you are a great team player with awesome communication skills. Since this role means contributing and working on many of our projects, we believe you have the ability to be flexible and understand the different needs in regards to the projects.

Who we are

Resolution Games is a visual computing studio with a proven track record creating immersive gaming experiences for all. We believe that VR and AR aren’t just an add-on for gaming; they are the next logical steps for games. As players and game developers alike, we’ve always dreamed of this day - the day when we can be IN the games we love. That day is finally here, and we are putting all of our energy into making the most of it for all, whether it’s creating a positive experience for someone testing out VR for the first time to delivering a rich, in-depth multiplayer game that keeps enthusiasts hungry for more.

We are looking for someone who wants a unique opportunity and enjoys collaborating. Someone who wants to be a part of a team raising the bar and creating a new set of standards. Our colleagues have can-do attitudes who appreciate a small studio culture. Therefore, even though we have grown, we continue to work in small teams and experiment while tackling complex challenges. We value having every voice heard and seek out diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. Last but not least, we want those of you who are not just skilled but also a great addition to the team. That is because we believe in team over the individual, a great mix of freedom with responsibility, and that people should always come before the process. P.S. Employee stock options are available.