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Director of Live Services

Theorycraft Games

Theorycraft Games

Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2024
As the Director of Live Services at Theorycraft, you’ll own the vision and execution for our Global Live Service including: building player support, ensuring effective localization, overseeing release production, managing live on-call service issues, and vigilant service monitoring. Your mission is to build a robust and reliable service infrastructure, covering everything from player login to in-game experiences and in-store transactions.

In this role, you will:

  • Define and Develop the Core Aspects of Our Global Live Service: You will be responsible for outlining the what, how, and who of our service, with an eye on quality and cost-efficiency.
  • Select the Best Partners in the Industry: While many companies might build extensive internal teams to manage each aspect of live service, our approach is different. We believe in directly working with best in class external partners to deliver exceptional service to players and scale the impact of our team.
  • Be Responsible for the Quality of Our Localization: We want our games to feel tailor-made for players around the world, and great localization is key to that goal.

Ideally, you have:

  • 7+ years of experience in live production, release management, or similar roles in the gaming or tech industry.
  • Experience working on live games or services operating at global scale.
  • A track record of delivering successful projects, showcasing your ability to manage multiple aspects of live production simultaneously.
  • Experience in identifying, managing, and implementing operational improvement initiatives.
  • Experience releasing and operating software as a service.
We are a small team with big ambitions. We are hungry and want to win. We want to stay small, move fast, and ship early (while we’re still embarrassed). Whenever possible we opt to buy vs. build and we view game development as our craft - not our specialized sub-disciplines. We’re looking for people who thrive with a lot of freedom and responsibility; who wear a lot of different hats comfortably; and who are always, always acting on behalf of the player.
A key aspect of our compensation philosophy is that value creation should be aligned with rewards. Right now this means that equity is a significant portion of every full-time employee’s compensation and in the future we will look at tools like performance based bonuses and profit sharing. What will always be true is that if we win, we win together. Theorycraft offers competitive base salaries and generous equity packages for full-time employees. As a pre-revenue startup, our base salary range for all roles, including this one, is $80k-$225k. Final base salary will be determined by an array of factors including internal equity, job related knowledge, skills, and work experience. In addition to a competitive base salary and equity, employees at Theorycraft will receive all of our other great benefits and perks, including unlimited, open PTO, health, vision, dental insurance for you and your family, and an annual game budget.
We believe that people on our team should live their best lives while doing their best work (and that these should complement each other!). Therefore we’ve committed to distributed work (within 3 timezones of PST), with regular, in-person meetups to stay connected as a team. We support families and all of the unpredictability children can bring (especially when working from home). We offer unlimited, open PTO, competitive base salary, health, vision, dental insurance for you and your family, an annual game budget, and, of course, equity as a way to ensure that we all succeed together.