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Head of Growth



Sales & Business Development
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Saturday, January 6, 2024
About Verisoul

Who is Verisoul

Verisoul Is a Platform That Helps Businesses Stop Fake Users - Like Duplicates, Bots & AI, And Fraudsters. Our Platform Uses Invisible AI To Make Complex Fraud Prevention Easy. Prior To Verisoul, Customers Needed 5+ Point Solutions, a Large Team, And Engineering Resources; Now, Businesses Set Up Verisoul In 15 Minutes And Start Identifying Genuine Users Right Away. Companies Use Verisoul To

  • Save Money & Time - by preventing costly fake accounts & fraud, consolidating vendors, and making their teams more effective
  • Grow Sustainably - improve experiences for real users, prevent account sharing & account abuse, and discover their best promotion & ad channels
  • Make Better Decisions - understand real user metrics

Verisoul is building a lean team of high-performers. Our founding team comes from companies like Bain, Facebook, and Capital One. We have fraud expertise from companies like TransUnion, Neustar, and Fintechs.

Why Your Work Here Matters

Verisoul is fighting to save the internet from destruction by AI and fraud. Online trust is at an all-time low. The onset of AI exacerbates the challenge of maintaining trust. B2C businesses rely on knowing that their interactions are with real, unique, and trusted humans.

Verisoul helps preserve and enhance trust in the digital world, enabling trusted interactions between people and businesses.

Our Growth Trajectory

We’re excited about Verisoul’s growth trajectory. In the last 16 months, we’ve:

  • Developed a powerful platform that's already outperforming (and stealing customers from) established players like Fingerprint, Arkose Labs, Google, and Cloudflare
  • Grown to $100K ARR four months after launching
  • Raised $3.8M to scale the team

We can’t wait to go even faster as we grow the team.

You and Your Role

As the Head of Growth at Verisoul, you will shape the future of our company. You will architect and execute a comprehensive Go-to-Market and Growth strategy that will accelerate Verisoul’s early Product-Market-Fit. As we scale, you’ll manage the growth and revenue teams.

What You’ll Do

  • Growth Experimentation and Innovation: Lead a culture of experimentation, constantly testing new growth hypotheses and tactics
  • Develop the Verisoul Brand:
    • Build a compelling product-market story and translate that into a clear, cohesive brand
    • Ensure that Verisoul’s unique capabilities are effectively communicated
  • Build an Outbound Awareness and Engagement Engine:
    • Spearhead outbound marketing efforts to generate awareness
    • Craft compelling product and value narratives to engage our audience
  • Architect the Conversion Process for Inbound Prospects:
    • Develop and refine processes for converting inbound prospects
    • Implement a data-driven approach to track, analyze, and enhance conversion rates
  • Prioritize GTM and Distribution Channels: Identify and prioritize the most effective distribution and growth channels
  • Sales Funnel Management:
    • Oversee the entire sales funnel, from raising awareness to closing deals
    • Streamline the prospect journey
  • Optimize Pricing: Refine pricing, piloting, free tools strategy to maximize revenue, customers, and proprietary data capture
  • Team Leadership and Development: As Verisoul grows, build and lead a high-performing growth team

What You’ll Bring

At Verisoul, we value passion, ability, and alignment with our core principles and mission above all. While we have a set of 'nice-to-haves,' we are primarily looking for exceptional candidates who bring unique strengths to our team. Ideally, you will have:

  • Experience in a startup environment
  • Experience running growth or go-to-market strategies
  • Moderate technical capabilities
  • Ability to take ideas from concept to completion without relying heavily on engineering resources

Who You’ll Work With

  • Report directly to the CEO
  • Our engineering and product teams, collaborating to ensure that our product and growth strategies are well aligned and effectively executed

Life at Verisoul

Our Values

  • All-in Optimism: You’re all-in on the company’s and your personal growth. Building a world-changing startup is nearly impossible. You’ll have a steadfast optimism and energy that helps you push through challenges and accomplish the impossible, while having fun doing it.
  • Total Ownership: You will individually own high-impact problems end-to-end. You’ll be both a self-starter and self-completer, combining structure that helps you know what to do next with execution and orchestration skills that help you get the job done.
  • First Principles Curiosity: You’ll analyze problems with the curiosity of a beginner’s mind: challenging assumptions, rethinking the current way, and quickly testing new hypotheses. When working through ambiguity, you’ll focus on finding the best answer and learning something new - even if it means changing your mind.


  • Revenue Growth Incentives: Earn a % of all growth you drive
  • Salary: $140-175K Base
  • Equity: 0.5-1%


  • 100% Coverage of Health, Dental, and Vision
  • Unlimited Vacation Policy
  • Top-tier tools: laptops, monitors, office equipment
  • In person collaboration in Austin